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Hi and welcome to Salty Playa! We are located in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

Salty Playa was created out of our love for travel. Not just any travel. Travel that embodies a carefree and elevated travel mindset. 

Salty Playa is your ultimate destination for travel-inspired women's clothing. Immerse yourself in the essence of beach bliss, Ibiza vibes, and Miami allure. Our curated collection mirrors the gypset lifestyle, embodying jet setter chic for the wanderlust-driven fashionista. Explore a fusion of global designs, as we showcase talented designers from around the world. Elevate your vacation wardrobe with Salty Playa – where every piece tells a story of sun-soaked adventures and coastal elegance. Plan your fashion travel capsule for your next vacation or staycation (because travel is a state-of-mind to be enjoyed in another place or in your casa!).

 Please email us at

customercare@saltyplaya.com for any questions you may have. Or Facebook message us at https://www.facebook.com/SaltyPlaya 

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For customer returns, order inquires or product questions email here: 


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We are always on the hunt for cool and chic new wholesale lines. If this is you, (clothing, shoes, accessories, decor, children's toys, gifts, art etc) email us and let us know about you here:


Thank you! 

Hayley xoxo

Let's be #roamingtheworldinstyle together!



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