Host a COSA 71 online Zoom shopping party!

Book and host a FREE interactive online Zoom shopping party!

Step 1. Book your event here and specify your ideal date and time (see form fill below). We will respond within 24 hours and set up an initial Zoom call with you. We are on PST time as a reminder. Book anytime after 6pm PST M-F. Weekends are open. Please specify in the notes below, 3-4 different ideal dates and times and your time zone. We will go over all of these details together via the Zoom call and solidify your date. 

Step 2. Create your guest list (please have this ready for when we have our initial Zoom meeting). A minimum of 8 guests are required (this includes yourself) and more are encouraged and welcome. Make sure to get their emails and Facebook handles (if they have one). We will go over your guest list when we meet via our initial Zoom call. We will create a private Facebook Group just for your event run by COSA 71 at this point too. This is where the party reminders will be, where guests can RSVP, your zoom link will be found for the day of the event and is a forum for everyone to ask questions etc. (Other fun things will be here too.)

Step 3. Pick your theme (if applicable): Bridal shower, traveling theme, business event, ladies’ retreat, moms’ shopping night out etc. We will go over this too in our initial Zoom call. 

Step 4. Invite your friends! Once you’ve picked your date. time and theme, together we will send out the email invites and Facebook Group invites. *We will do this in our initial Zoom call. Make sure to follow up with each guest personally via text or phone call to confirm they will be coming 1-2 days before your party.

Step 5. Day of your event… Let the party begin!! SIP on bubbles- shop and have fun. I will have a clothing rack full of new arrivals and merchandise to show you and will provide links in the Zoom chat to shop. This is interactive so questions are encouraged! 

As a host you will receive:

1. Between 20% up to 30% off all that you order (goes up the more people order) plus other incentives (we will go over in more detail on our first Zoom call.) 

2. Your guests will receive 10% off their order, the more they order, the more they will receive, up to 20% off!

3. We will have some party giveaways during the event. (All of these details will be outlined in the private Facebook Group we create for you.)

4. Everyone will have 2 days to use their special coupon codes that will be given out via emails and will be on your private Facebook Group page prior to the party.

5. Any of your guests that book a party after your party, you will receive more special incentive discounts.

Book today! Fill out this form and make sure to let me know the best days and times and don’t forget to put in your timezone!  

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